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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Now is the time ~ With such depths of global anguish and suffering sweeping our planet & wounding our people ~ hurricanes, firestorms, earthquakes, massacres ~ we must awaken our spirits and hear the call to action. We are being shocked wide open. Now is the time to stand for all people. Now is the time to bring ourselves into alignment and heal the earth. Having just returned simultaneously from from my mother's memorial service, followed a day later by the raging fires in the Napa & Sonoma Valleys, I am raw with grief, both my own and for the collective pain and suffering of those rendered homeless. here and abroad. My family has lost 5 homes, with more at risk. My home town is devastated. A war zone. Burnt to cinders. My mother too, buried, an urn of ashes. How can we heal from the totality of this devastation? What is the meaning of all this destruction? How can we rise from the ashes? As the smoke clears and the dust settles, I truly believe in the power each of carries to heal ourselves and others. Acts of kindness. Words of comfort. Simple gestures. Generosity and compassion. Mindful attention to our impact upon each other and our world. Make that brave choice to step into harmony with the collective, rather than force the power of the individual. When suffering comes, I use my practice to cope. Over the years I have witnessed how yoga can soothe psychic pain and help us be more present, for ourselves and for our lives. Yoga asana bring physical balance. It shift s our driven nature and allows space within for wisdom to arise. Quiet reflection, meditation, may bring tears, but will also ease your pain and calm the agitation. It teaches us how to listen deeply and live openly. Make time for your inner wisdom, however you choose to do so, and let it guide you through. After witnessing such incredible, inexplicable loss these past few days, it is challenging to stay connected and grounded. You might be feeling the same way. Returning to my inner wisdom requires trust; trust in myself. Yoga & meditation, as superfluous as it sounds, is how I have learned to cope and to hold space for myself & others so that I can be of service, rather than caught in my own drama or fear. We are all being called to action ~ are you ready? My prayer is for all people in all places, throughout the world, to find solace, peace and support in these troubled times. My mother taught me by example, the power of giving, to others, family, friends, and strangers. Making calls, spending time, baking cookies, letting people know that she cared and they mattered. May we all hear the call and offer ourselves, in what ever way that we can, to end suffering. In gratitude, Gianna

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