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"Yoga is transformative. Each breath creates new neurological pathways. Each asana opens channels of energy that feed our personal transformation. I teach students how to live with courage and commitment, to be honest with themselves and cultivate personal integrity. My aim is to guide them into more beautiful, expressive, artistic and authentic lives."

Gianna has walked the yoga path since 1989, studying with teachers Ana Forrest, Pattabhi Jois, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. Robert L. Brown, Dr. Dorothy Satten and Dr. Bill Maynard on topics as diverse as therapeutic yoga, meditation and spiritual study, energetic medicine, academic research in the art & culture of India, and leadership coaching. She has completed programs with Lululemon, Landmark Forum and Four Winds. 

"Yoga addresses all aspects of who we are.

It's not just exercise, but offers spiritual exploration that allows for a fine tuning of our inner wisdom, remapping our body, minds and spirit."

Gianna completed her Advanced and FoundationYoga Teacher’s Training with Ana Forrest and remains committed to the principles and techniques of Forrest Yoga which uses yoga as a pathway to building a life of strength, integrity and spirit. She participated in five week-long teachings with the Dalai Lama from 2000-2006, and worked with many first lineage masters of yoga, meditation, ancient healing arts and self-development programs, offering unique depth and expertise to her students. Her most recent training with Chief Alex Turtle and Chenoa Egawa has brought Native American healing and ceremony into her teachings. 


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