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Chakra Counseling & Yoga Therapy
Initiate ~ A Personal Healing Journey
Chakra Counseling

"In these chaotic times of uncertainty and change, bring your life back into balance and create lasting resilience and vitality."

~ Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D.

Our modern lives are filled with distractions, energetic toxins and erratic rhythms that effect our nervous system and sleep patterns, as well as place a high demand on our physical stamina. We suffer from anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

In this personalized, therapeutic Chakra Counseling series, you will explore the physical and energetic realms of the Eight Chakras using yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, sacred ceremony, and subtle body practices, and expressive arts.

Taking inspiration from the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, as a tree grows, we begin with our root, Chakra (1), progressively moving upward working with our trunk (2) , our sap(3), branches (4), leaves(5), seeds(6), and blossoms(7), and the sky beyond. Using the metaphor of the tree, we move through the 8 chakras, healing each one intentionally. We consider our life and how we want ourselves to grow into our future.

How Yoga Heals 

The Yoga Sutras teach that all aspects of life are reflected in our body. 

Yoga asana (poses) help us understand that our physical being is directly tied to our thoughts and our emotions. The meaning of “yoga” is mind/body union; the coming together of these dual forces. The practice of Yoga opens the pathways of our mind and our body so that there is communication between them. As we extend our thoughts into our bodily experience, we gain insight into our past, present and future. We also gain the ability to heal ourselves at the deepest level by directing our life force energy, our prana/breath, into areas of the body that need rejuvenation, cleansing and balance. The practice of you teaches us to “be” in the present moment with all that arises so that we let go of striving for future outcomes or reassurance. We become present for our lives in a new way, with more vitality, focus and intention than ever before.

Physical Energy Centers ~ The Chakras

The chakras, or energy centers, radiate life force energy. When they are impaired or out of balance we are challenged with illness, mental, physical and emotional. By cultivating a connection to our chakras and learning to harmonize their functions, we can change the energy living in our body. A Chakra based yoga practice means becoming aware and sensitized to the kind of energy in your body at 8 different intersecting and inter-related sections of the body. Charka counseling builds a foundation for wellness on all levels of being ~ body, mind, spirit~ by bringing the mind and awareness to the energy that is being carried, and cultivates the skill to change that energy so that you can live at your highest level of health and well-being.

Complimentary Insights

The wisdom of the Radiance Sutras, teachers BKS Iyengar and Anodea Judith, as well energetic subtle body principles of Tias Little, will accompany each practice.

Class Structure

The Series of 8 classes is personalized and tailored to the direct needs and goals of the student seeking Chakra Counseling and Yoga Therapy.

Each class in the series will address a single chakra to bring awareness, healing and transformation.

Each 90-minute yoga asana class is $95.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are available to the assist in integrating the healing process and to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

30 minutes $60 | 60 minutes $108

Special attention is given to each student to work at their own pace.

In these chaotic times of uncertainty and change, bring your life back in to balance and create lasting resilience and vitality.

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