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Preparing For Vision Quest

It has been an incredible journey of preparation. On Navajo land sacred time unfolds and I am on a river that is flowing towards my questing time.

My lodge build is in two days, where I will spend four days and nights with out food or water. Door facing East to honor the rising sun. Prayer ties at the four 1/2 corners in the SE, SW, NW, NE. Lodge of pinyon pine and juniper, cut and tied by my hands.

We just finished our sweat lodge to prepare us and set our prayers in motion.

I hold this journey with humility and fear. And give my trust that I will be protected. Thank you for holding me close as these days unfold. I appreciate your thoughts and your prayers. We walk out this evening on to the land and return Friday.

In gratitude for my life.

Blessings to all my teachers and all my relations.



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