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The Ranch Story

BG Tackett and Friends.jpg

Once Upon a Road Trip

Benighted by a blizzard on a road trip across Nevada, BG Tackett shared his dream with a cafe proprietor in the snowed-in hamlet of Austin, Nevada: to buy some land with good southern exposure for solar, close to the mountains for skiing, and hot springs on the property. "I know a place just like that," the proprietor said. Not even the white out could keep BG from checking it out. In 2000, he and four partners purchased Hot Springs Ranch Nevada. 

BG Tackett & Friends

Building the Dream

Breaking ground in 2005, the partners have built a rustic lodge with beds for ten, a brilliant outdoor shower house, a cement hot tub, a cowboy bathtub, and other barnwood-clad amenities. While fully functional today, Haiku Cottages - sustainable by intent, simple by Design - are on the drawing board for future guests. 

HSRN is now a fully functioning Adventure Lodge & Retreat Center, hosting groups of all kinds. 

Ranch Rentals food.jpeg

Ranch rentals include al fresco homegrown gourmand meals

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